The seasons

You are welcome to visit the Solens Hjerte. Come and see the place, have a cup of tea or coffee, a delicious vegetarian meal, and stay as long as you like. You can stay for an hour, and you can stay for days, weeks or months, as you wish. Please call in advance.
You can come here both to take a rest and to join actively in the daily activities of the house.

Do you need to relax, to take a break and get away from everyday life for a while? As a vacationist in Solens Hjerte, you can relax, spend time by yourself or with others, enjoy the beautiful and peaceful surroundings, read a book, bask in the sun by the pool, join our daily meditations or whatever your needs or whishes may be.

Our home is a beautiful oasis with a very light atmosphere. The light and radiant energy of the people here and of our beautiful garden is dearly appreciated by our visitors, and many people experience simply being here as healing.

If you have come to a point in your life, where you want to look inwards in order to become aware of and to change old emotional patterns which you can see no longer satisfy you, Solens Hjerte offers you a unique environment for this work. If you find yourself worn out, stuck, or if you simply need a radical change in your life and are willing to work for it, let go of your fears and face inner demons, we invite you as a participating guest in Solens Hjerte.

As a guest in Solens Hjerte we help you see, what is really inside of you, and we encourage you to embrace it and accept yourself with all your facettes and thereby set yourself free essentially.

Join the work, join the fun, join us !

That's it, now you are invited. You are very welcome - if you want it…………

Feel free to contact us for prices and further information.


Solens Hjerte, Planteskolevej 51, 5250 Odense SV - Tlf 6596 3465